Ep #57 The truth about what’s causing the scale to bounce around

Are you following a diet you heard is working for so many other people, but it’s not working for you?

You watch the scale bouncing up and down and feel frustrated, thinking, “What’s the point? So what happens? You quit.

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing two reasons why the scale keeps going up and down and what you can do to end that.

It’s not that something is wrong with you.

It’s you believing that the diets know best what you ‘should’ eat.
Those diets do not take into consideration that when you have a day at work where the patient is ringing the call bell all the time or you get one more patient at the end of the shift and the shift ends, you walk in the door so tired and eating what the diet has planned for you is the last thing on your mind.

🔥  Listen in as I’ll share with you two reasons I see with myself and my clients that have the scale jumping up and down.


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