Ep #56 What to do when you think you are not losing weight fast enough

You’re putting in the hard work following that restrictive and depriving diet aiming to get those 2lbs a week off.

You’ve done the math calculations in your head. All the diets out there tell you that you should be losing 2 lbs a week, that’s 8 lbs a month, and that will get you to your goal weight in 6 months.

So you jump on the scale every day, watching and wishing that the number will go down quickly and consistently, but it doesn’t happen.

It’s not going down as fast as you had hoped. So you’re feeling frustrated and disappointed and find yourself having a cheat day here and there. You’re giving in to those donuts in the breakroom or eating what you want when you are out with friends because you deserve to have fun and enjoy yourself.

And then what happens as the months go by and that wonderful math calculation you had all figured out that would get you to your goal didn’t work out. Instead, it bombed, so you give up. You quit!

What if I told you that believing you should lose weight faster sets you up to quit?


If you focus on thinking you need to lose weight faster and it doesn’t happen, how do you end up feeling? Will that feeling motivate you to stick with your diet? Probably not.

So what do you do then?

ūüĒ• You realize that losing weight does not follow a timeline, that it’s trial and error. It’s learning how to lose weight in a way you can keep it off.

Join me this week to learn why thinking you are not losing weight fast enough is actually sabotaging your weight loss.


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Don’t forget; you are worth it!



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