Ep #55 The problem with perfectionism you need to know

Today I’m talking about perfectionism, which can be very sneaky because we believe having high standards for yourself is good.

It’s a belief that we must do everything perfectly ALL the time, and if that doesn’t happen, then we have failed, that there is something wrong with us or that it proves that we are not good enough.

What happens is that one little mistake leads to us tormenting ourselves with self-bashing thoughts. It takes a toll on us mentally and physically.

When it comes to weight loss, perfectionism can show up as all-or-nothing thinking, meaning if we can’t follow our plan perfectly, what’s the point that leaves us quitting and feeling even worse about ourselves?

So what do we do?

In this episode, I talk about how there is no such thing as perfect; you are perfect just the way you are with all your flaws, imperfections and failures. You are perfectly imperfect.

🔥 It’s learning to see those failures from a different perspective and giving ourselves the kindness and compassion we need.

Join me this week so you can finally get off the hamster wheel of perfection that keeps you stuck


In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:

✔️ Why do we strive for perfection

✔️ What effect it has on us, especially with our ability to lose weight

✔️ How being perfectly imperfect is the answer


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Don’t forget; you are worth it!



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