Ep #53 How to curb overeating when you feel drained

Do you find it challenging to stop the stress eating, especially when you feel so drained at the end of your day?That urge to eat the ice cream is strong, and you give willpower a try, but it never works for very long.

The reason why it’s so difficult to break the habit of stress eating is the comfort that you are actually seeking.

You are comfort eating.

You are eating to get comfort from your thoughts. Comfort from how you are feeling. All you want is to feel better, and you have a belief that eating gives you the comfort you are seeking to have you feeling better.

🔥 There is a way to end the comfort eating, and in this week’s episode, you will learn all about how your beliefs are so powerful and then how a technique of “Zooming out” will break the cycle of turning to food to feel better and what you can do instead.


In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:
✔️ Why it’s so difficult to stop overeating when you feel so drained
✔️ How to shift what your beliefs are by using the “Zoom Out” Method
✔️ What else can you do to give yourself comfort other than eating


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Don’t forget; you are worth it!


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