Ep #51 Allowing vs Resisting the urge

We think we need willpower when we have the desire or urge for the donuts in the breakroom occurs. Your wanting it feels so overpowering, but it’s not willpower you need.


Because willpower doesn’t work, as long as you have that desire for the food, no matter how much you try to resist it, you will eventually give in and have it.

But, as I show you in this episode, the only way to stop giving into the urge for the donuts is to decrease your desire to have them.

What it takes is learning how to allow the desire, the urges without resisting them.

Yes, it will feel uncomfortable, but you can get to choose. Do you sit with the discomfort of allowing the urge, or can you sit with the discomfort of eating the donuts and then feelingfrustrated you gave in?

Just imagine sitting, walking into the breakroom, seeing the donuts and having no desire to it them.

That is absolutely possible!


🔥Listen to this week’s episode, where you’ll learn:
✔️ How using willpower does not work.
✔️ Why we need to allow the urge instead of resisting it.
✔️ How when we allow the urge for the donuts, the desire for them goes away.

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