Ep #6 The #1 Tool needed for permanent weight loss

If you are still looking for that perfect diet that tells you the food you should or should not eat, how much to eat, when and how often? Or that perfect exercise program telling you what you should do and how often? Then this podcast is for you!


I’m here to teach you that finding the ‘right’ diet and exercise program is not the solution.

Yes, knowing what to eat and adding in movement is important, but if that is all it took, you wouldn’t still be struggling.

In this episode, I will show you the real solution… it’s a tool that I used to lose 100 lbs over 12 years ago.

This tool will show you that it is not what is said to you or done to you or what you hear or see or that the circumstance needs to change so that you can lose weight.

Why you continue to struggle with overeating, giving in to your urges, or quit eating healthy is not caused by your circumstances.

Why you still struggle is because of what you are thinking.

What is holding you back from reaching your goals… are your thoughts.

It’s time to stop giving up, and this tool will show you how to do just that!



In this episode, I’ll show you how your thoughts create your results and how to use your thoughts to enjoy your job, life and achieve permanent weight loss.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:
-How your biggest obstacle to achieving your dreams is what you are thinking.
-The ONE tool that will change your life for the better.
-The TFA model, and I’ll walk you through how to use it to reach your goals.


If you are ready to start enjoying your job, life and lose weight for good then click here to get started!




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