Ep #47 The secret weight loss strategy that works

If you are ready to end the struggle with losing weight and are open to doing something different that you have not done before then, this episode is for you!

In this episode, I will share with you a secret weight-loss strategy that if you start implementing this strategy, you will start losing weight now!

I use this strategy to keep off the 100 lbs I lost over 13 years ago, and what I teach my clients is PAUSING.

This strategy interrupts the thought patterns that have you overeating.

Presently you are on autopilot:
Have the urge to eat…
You have the thought…
“I’m hungry; I should look to see what I can eat”…
And you are in the kitchen searching for something to eat…
And you eat!


Are you really truly physically hungry?

Is it food you really need right now?

🔥 Come listen in to find out how this simple, easy and doable strategy will allow your brain to figure out do you need to eat or not because if you are eating when your body does not require the fuel, that is, you are overeating, and you will not lose weight.


In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:
✔️ Pausing, why it is the secret weight loss strategy that does work
✔️ Why pausing is so important
✔️ When and how to implement pausing so that if you only used this one strategy, you would start losing weight.

Don’t forget; you are worth it!


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