Ep #46 How body neutrality will have you feeling better

We all dream of loving our bodies one day, but in this moment, that doesn’t ever feel like it will happen. So we continue to beat ourselves up, thinking that will get us to make changes.

That never works; trust me on that one because if it did, you would be loving your body and not listening to me right now!

I wanted to talk about this loving our body or how we look in this episode because last week, I had surgery on my face to remove basal cell carcinoma, which left a big incision.

So I have a human brain, and all I thought about when the dressing came off for the first time was, “I look terrible.” “All everyone is going to see is this big ugly Incision!” or “I’ll look so ugly now.”
When I was 100lbs heavier, my thoughts were not very nice towards myself either. Thoughts like, “OMG, I look so fat,” “I hate how I look,” and “What are people thinking about me?!” which left me hiding in the house a lot.

But when I learned that I didn’t have to love myself or my body to feel better, all I had to do was get to a place of neutrality; that was when everything changed for the better. So I eventually have come to love most parts of my body. And the parts I don’t love, I accept them without shame or judgement!

🔥 Listen to this week’s episode, where I’ll teach you all about body love, body positivity and body neutrality so you can feel better right now!

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:

✔️ Why we tend to hate on our bodies and how we can change that.

✔️ What is body positivity, and how body neutrality might be more believable to you.

✔️ How to shift from hating our body to being neutral in how we think about our body so we can feel better.


Don’t forget; you are worth it!



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