Ep #43 Gaining awareness about your eating habits

In today’s episode, I’m sharing what I recommend to end the confusion that has you searching through all the diets out there trying to figure out what to eat that will work in losing weight…

Hint, it’s not a traditional diet that I recommend!

Today we’re focusing on a tool to help you gain awareness of what you are actually eating throughout your day. It might not be what you think you need, but I know that if you put this simple tool into practice, it will have you heading towards losing weight for the last time!

This tool is food journaling; hear me out before the thoughts pop up like…

“I don’t want to do it.”
“It will take too much time.”
“It won’t make a difference.”

🔥  You will want to listen in on why it works and how to do it because this is a foundation that you need that will have you eating healthy in a sustainable way. When you implement food journaling, I know you’ll benefit right away!


In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:

✔️ Why food journaling can help you build awareness of your eating habits

✔️ A simple easy way to food journal.

✔️ What to do if you struggle to get it going or be consistent.Don’t forget; you are worth it!



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