Ep #37 Waiting for the ‘right/perfect’ time to get started?

When life isn’t going the way you planned, do you find yourself thinking, “now’s not the time to lose weight?”

🤔 Do you hear yourself saying you’ll focus on losing weight when life settles down, when you don’t feel so busy, stressed, overwhelmed, etc.?

If that’s happening to you, you need to know that you have a human brain, and your brain is doing its job by bringing up these thoughts to stay safe.


Stay safe when all you want to do is lose weight?


It’s not that it is not the right/perfect time because there is no right or perfect time! There is you start with where you are right now and take small steps in moving towards your goal.

But… your brain is bringing up the excuse it’s not the right/perfect time because there are more thoughts and feelings going on underneath the surface that you are not aware of, AND that is where you need to do the work.

🔥 The work needs to be that you have to go deeper into why your brain thinks it needs to keep you safe.

In this week’s episode, I will go into
✔️ why the human brain is designed to keep us safe
✔️ what is the real reason your brain thinks it needs to keep you safe
✔️ what to do to move forward in losing weight for the last time!


Don’t forget; you are worth it!


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