Ep #36 What to do when you don’t feel motivated

🤔 Do you hear yourself saying, “I can’t get motivated to get back on track!” So you continue to overeat, beating yourself up that there must be something wrong with you that you just can’t get yourself motivated to do anything!

I know you can see that the lack of motivation you have is holding you back. It has you thinking, “If only I felt motivated, then I would do what I need to do.”

Finding the motivation to do what works to lose weight can be difficult; that is why in this week’s episode, I’m here to let you know that you can get back on track without feeling motivated!

Come listen in on why you relying on motivation will only set you up for quitting.

🎢 That’s because motivation comes and goes.

If you are only taking action when you feel motivated, that will have you repeatedly starting and stopping, which will leave you frustrated. When you constantly feel frustrated, you will never take consistent action.

In other words, you will never feel motivated all of the time, so stop relying on that to happen!

🔥 Losing weight is not about needing to wait until you have the motivation to take action; instead, it’s about being consistent in taking small steps each day despite not feeling like it.


In this week’s episode:
✔️ Why you can’t rely on motivation to get you back on track
✔️ What does work when you don’t have the motivation
✔️ How to take action when you don’t feel motivated!


Don’t forget; you are worth it!


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