Ep #35 Are you doing the one step forward, two steps back dance?

Do you find yourself doing great all day only to end up on the couch binge-watching tv eating out of the bucket of ice cream, wondering what’s wrong with you?


You made it through the week only to find yourself eating all weekend long all the foods you restricted yourself from throughout the week?

If this sounds familiar, know you are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with you. But, unfortunately, you have not been shown another way to lose weight and to stop feeling so controlled by food.

You need to know that to lose weight permanently, you have to become aware of all the habits that are wired into your brain- those that are running on autopilot that is sabotaging your weight loss.

Before you can change what is not working, you must become aware of them!

You have (unintentionally) programmed your brain to turn to food to give you relief from your long busy, stressful day or programmed your brain to sit on the couch snacking after you’ve finished supper.

You have done these things so many times that it has become a habit. It is on automatic pilot in your brain; you hardly even think about doing it, it just feels like it is happening, and you have no control.

So it’s simple, if you want to change what is not working to lose weight, you have to rewire your habits.


✔️ In today’s episode, I will teach you about how you’ve wired your brains to do things that don’t help with weight loss and how to shift it all! How to start to break apart your old wiring so that you can create habits that will have you losing weight for the last time.


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