Ep #32 What do you believe in, and why does it matter

It’s important that we believe in ourselves because that is how we achieve our goals and increase how we feel about ourselves! 

What most of us do is believe in thoughts that do not help get us to our goals. 

So, what are you believing?

😞 If we have negative self-talk, that is just us not believing in ourselves, which I’ll be talking about how to shift in this episode. 

When we lack belief in ourselves, we are less likely to do what will get us to our goal. 

❓Do you believe that you can’t do it, you’re a failure, you’ll never figure it out? Those all bring up doubt and fear, and when you believe from this place, you will never move forward in doing what you need to do to lose weight. 

When we allow ourselves to believe in the doubt and fear, to let it take hold, that is when we will subconsciously sabotage ourselves. 


Because what our brain 🧠 focuses on is the outcome we will achieve. So if you want to stop the weight loss struggle, you have to consciously decide what you want to believe in to get you to your goal.

Listen in to this week’s episode, and I’ll show you what you need to do to believe in yourself! 


Don’t forget; you are worth it!


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