Ep #31 How to start losing weight before you hit rock bottom

For so many Nurses, they WANT to lose weight and are “trying,” but it never works.

They continue to jump from diet to diet until they get to the point of being so desperate that all they can think about is “I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!”

If you have hit this point, I want you to know that if you think it’s a diet that will have you finally losing weight for good, it’s not! 

If a diet were the solution, you wouldn’t be here listening to me! 

How I work with my clients and what I’ll teach you in this episode is how your brain is sabotaging you from getting started and what to do to stop it so that you can stick with what you need to do to get to your goal weight. 

Yes, your BRAIN! It’s not that you need more willpower!

Listen in, and I’ll share with you how you can get yourself to do what it takes to lose weight without willpowering your way through! 

Don’t wait until you’ve hit that point where you’re so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to make changes. 

I’ll give you the steps to take to get yourself going before you hit that rock bottom moment! 


Don’t forget you are worth it!


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