Ep #3 Ending The Confusion

This week on Weight Loss For Nurses, we are going to end weight-loss Confusion.

We’re all so confused because there’s so much information out there. All you have to do is jump on the internet and see diet after diet and all the other alternative options out there. It is just overwhelming.

I indulged in Confusion until I found the solution to end it all over 12 years ago. That was when I lost 100lbs. I had a million excused why I couldn’t lose the weight… not the right diet, no time, too stressed. “I don’t know what to do” was my old stand-by response.

On the podcast, I will explain how we love to indulge in Confusion and what you can do to end it so you can lose weight for the last time!


In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:
-How Confusion sabotages our weight loss
-Confusion being an indulgent emotion
-The way to identify when you are in Confusion
-Learn how to process the thoughts in order to achieve weight loss goals
-How I help my clients enjoy their job, life and lose weight for the last good!

P.S. If you know you are stuck in Confusion and struggling to get out and realize you need help, then book a Free Call with me. On the call, we will find out where you are stuck, and I will give you steps to move forward in achieving your weight loss goals! Click here to book your Free call.


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