Ep #29 Here’s what you do when you just don’t feel motivated

You’ve started a new diet, and you’re super excited and motivated to follow it, the number on the scale is moving down consistently, and you feel so motivated to keep on going with following that diet, but…

One day that number on the scale stops going on. It feels like it is stuck there, or worse yet, it goes up and then what happens is…

You lose motivation.

We think that number on the scale has up feeling frustrated, sad and unmotivated but what you don’t realize is motivation is a feeling, it is created from what you are thinking, thoughts like:
“It’s not working.”
“I can’t do this.”
“I always fail.”

In this episode, I will teach you what to do when that number on the scale goes up, and your motivation dwindles and then share what you need to do to keep on going with eating healthy so you can lose weight for the last time.

Hint… it’s not you needing to feel motivated!


Don’t forget you are worth it!



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