Ep #28 Is what’s eating at you have you eating?

Do you have days when you are short-staffed, your workload is so heavy, or your husband said something to you, and that is all you can think about?

Do you feel it’s so stuck in your head that it eats at you?

When we find our mind consumed with what is going on, it takes so much mental energy. And when that happens, our brains go looking for relief, so no wonder you find yourself eating all the food that isn’t on your diet at the end of the day.

In this week’s episode, I will show you that listening to the diet industry that has you focusing only on food and exercise is the reason why you continue to struggle with losing weight.

Why… because the diets don’t take into account what is going on in your life and how it affects you.

Our life and dieting are not separate. When we learn how to deal with situations that consume our minds, we don’t need to look for food to give us relief.

Listen in down below as I share with you the steps you need to take so that whatever happens in your life does not derail you from losing weight for the last time.

Don’t forget you are worth it!

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