Ep #25 Nine Tips that will help you achieve your New Years Resolution of losing weight for the last time!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Diets typically start in the New year, on Jan 1st. We have all kinds of resolutions, and weight loss is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions.

We resolve to lose a certain number of pounds, follow a specific diet, and never eat anything off our diet. Deciding to eat healthier and eat in a way that has you feeling good is not a bad thing but what happens is most of us go on drastic diets or cleanses– quick fixes that focus on losing weight fast. Yes, you will lose weight, but is it sustainable? If it were, you would not be setting losing weight as your New Years Resolution yet again.Setting New Years Resolutions inspires and motivates us to make changes, but what happens, as research shows, is that we hit mid-January and everything starts falling apart, and we quit.


In this week’s episode, I will give you nine tips to follow so that you will never have to start another year looking to lose weight?

You don’t want to miss this episode because I will share nine tips to follow that will have you losing weight for the last time.

Just imagine next year being able to set a whole different New Year’s Resolution that is has nothing to do with weight loss! How freeing that would be!

You are worth learning a whole new approach that will change your world and have you reach your weight loss goal.

If you find these tips helpful but know you need more help and accountability, then my program might just be an excellent fit for you! Reach out and click here to book a free call to talk about how you can get started on losing weight for the last time. 


You are worth it!


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