Ep #24 How to Enjoy the holidays… and not overeat or overdrink!

You may be feeling stressed and anxious about the upcoming holiday get-togethers with your friends and family.

You might be worried about what others might think about you, what they might do or say, so all you see is how unenjoyable it will be for you.

Then when you are there, someone says or does something that has you feeling not so good. For example, you might be feeling angry, frustrated, sad, disappointed or hurt. And what happens when you have those negative or unwanted emotions… if you are anything like me, I overate and overdrank.

We do this because all we want is to feel better, and our old standby has been to turn to food and/or alcohol. So trying to escape with food or alcohol has been the only way we knew how to cope.

In this week’s episode, I will give you the steps to stop feeling controlled by what goes on and instead have you take back control. When you have the control, you get to put your mental energy and focus on making the holiday get-togethers enjoyable… or at least tolerable!

Click the link below to listen in so you can have that Happy Holiday that you dreamed of!


P.S. Did you make sure that you treated yourself this holiday?

After all, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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