Ep #22 How to handle the holiday eating

We are in full swing of the holiday season, and you just might be freaking out right now worrying about feeling like you will have no control over your eating because that is what happens to you each year.

In today’s podcast, I’ll share how you can stop dreading, worrying, and feeling afraid of overeating during the holidays.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

I’ll teach you what works to have you feeling in control and not have to start the New Year off feeling shame and regret?


This podcast is for you if….

You feel overwhelmed with all the events you are invited to.


You are worried about what other people will think about how you look and your weight.


Thinking that “but I only get to eat these foods once a year,” so you end up eating all of it.


You are working during the holidays and feel depressed about it.

Have a listen to this week’s episode below, and you’ll learn how to take control of your eating like a boss so that you can enjoy this holiday season!


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