Ep #21 The one thing holding you back from reaching your goal

In today’s Podcast Episode, I’ll share with you the one thing holding you back from reaching your goal, and that is…. you not believing in yourself.


You may say that’s not me, but if you are asking yourself, “Will this really work for me when nothing else has worked before?” that is you doubting yourself…
That is, you not believing that you can do it.
That is, you looking to the past for what you can achieve.

Are you afraid that it will not work for you? That you can’t do it?

When you doubt yourself, you hold yourself back from going all in, and when you don’t go all in, the first time things get hard, you quit.

You tell yourself, see, I knew I couldn’t do it! I knew it wouldn’t work.

Did you know that not believing in ourselves is how we keep ourselves safe?

Our brains want to keep us safe, but you have to remind yourself that
what got you here will not get you where you want to go.

So what do you do?

Listen to this week’s episode where I explain more on why we hold onto not believing in ourselves and what we can do to shift out of it so that we reach our goals.

Have a listen to this week’s episode below.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:
-What not believing in yourself looks like
-Why does it matter that we need to believe in ourselves to get to our goal
-Why is it that we don’t believe in ourselves when we want something so badly
-How to change it all so that you start believing!


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