Ep #20 6 Tips to silence the negative self-talk

Why does it matter how we talk to ourselves?
How does it affect us when we talk negatively to ourselves?

In today’s Episode, I will talk about our negative self-talk the inner dialogue going on inside our brains. We all have an inner critic that can be helpful, but often that voice can be more harmful, especially when it is excessively negative. This is what we call negative self-talk. It is the type of talk that can really bring us down.

I’ll explain why we get stuck in talking so negatively to ourselves and how it affects us if we don’t silence it.

For me, I was the queen of negative self-talk for so many years until I found these six steps, which I show with you in today’s Episode.

Have a listen to this week’s Episode below.


In today’s Episode, you’ll learn:
-What is negative self-talk
-Why do we talk to ourselves so negatively
-Consequences of negative self-talk
-The six steps to silence your negative self-talk

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