Ep #4 Here’s Why You Should Food Journal

When it comes to losing weight for good, a food journal is so important. But, I’m not talking about a food journal that tells you exactly what, how much and when to eat. That never works for the long term- that’s a diet.
I am talking about food journaling to learn how to eat in a way you can lose weight but, more importantly, keep it off for good!

The idea of having a food journal can bring up a lot of discomfort for many people, and I get that! I resisted for a very long time in the past with doing a food journal. When I finally let go of that resistance and learned how to food journal in a whole unique way, I lost 100 lbs, which was 12 years ago.


In today’s podcast, I will explain to you why a food journal is so important and how you can do it in an easy, simple, straightforward way that you will enjoy doing.

Listen in as I share exactly how to food journal in a way that doesn’t have you feeling restricted, deprived or feeling bad about yourself. With this method of food journaling, you gain awareness into what and why you are eating and then how to change it all so that no matter what happens in your day, you won’t quit and need to start all over on Monday.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:
-Why do we resist food journaling.
-Why food journaling is important.
-What to put down to eat in your food journal (it’s not what you think).
-How to journal in an easy and simple, straightforward way.
-The importance of being curious vs harsh with yourself.
-Why we need to be aware of our thoughts and feelings.

P.S. If you know you are stuck in Resistance when it comes to Food Journaling and realize you need help, then book a Free Call with me. On the call, we will find out where you are stuck, and I will give you steps to move forward in achieving your weight loss goals! Click here to book your Free call.


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