Ep #19 How to end holiday weight gain!

The beginning of the holiday frenzy has begun, the shopping and of course the eating. This is where you start getting all the emails or googling “How to prevent gaining weight over the holidays.” 

Most of the advice out there is all around restricting and depriving yourself of your favorite foods. Or how to trick yourself into not eating it.

Tips like… Eat before going so you won’t be hungry at the holiday meal. That doesn’t work. 
Don’t miss this episode as I share all the tips that do not work- and most, you probably have tried yourself and then tips that do work that will help you avoid gaining weight during the holidays. 

It is possible to enjoy the holidays and not gain weight. 

Listening to this week’s podcast, you will no longer need to continue searching and reading about “How to prevent holiday weight gain” but instead focus your time and energy on enjoying the holidays. Just imagine how much better they would be if you never had to dread those holiday meals again. 

It’s time for you to really celebrate the holidays, food and all. 


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