Ep #18 Do you ever struggle with a tug of war going on inside your head?

Do you ever have times where you want to do something so badly, but when it comes to doing it, all the justifications- reasons, excuses why you can’t take action yell out at you, so you don’t do anything to change what you are struggling with.

If this is happening to you, know that there is nothing wrong with you. You are normal. Your brain is doing its job.

Today’s podcast is for you if you have ever had thoughts like:
“I have tried everything; this won’t work.”
“Maybe it’s not the right time- “I’m too busy, too stressed.”
“This will be too hard.”
“I have to think about it.”

In this week’s podcast, I will show you why you have this inner conflict going on where you see you need to take action, yet you just can’t seem to do it.

Then I will show you what you can do to commit and take action that is needed that will get you to your goal

Come take a listen to this week’s podcast. 


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