Ep #17 You can eat Halloween Candy!

Halloween is over. How are you doing with the leftover candy or all the candy your children collected?

Is it calling your name?

Are you telling yourself you “can’t” have it because then you will blow your diet?

In this week’s episode, I’m discussing how when we tell ourselves we “can’t” have the candy and try to use willpower not to eat it, that never works.

There will never be enough willpower to stop that little voice inside our heads- that rebellious child inside of us from getting its way.

As adults, we don’t want anyone else to control us, telling us what to do, and the funny thing is, that includes telling ourselves what to do.


So listen in to what can you do to stop the crazy cycle of:
“I can’t have it”- overeat the candy- beat self up
rinse and repeat.

I’ll show you how you CAN have the Halloween candy and lose weight!


Come take a listen to this week’s podcast. 


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