Ep #16 How to overcome All-or-Nothing Thinking

Do you have any of these thoughts?
-“Now is not a good time to start. There’s too much going on. I’ll wait for the perfect time.”
-“My life is either going perfectly or it’s a disaster.”
-“I ate that donut; now my diet is ruined.”
-“I always mess up.”

All-or-nothing thinking, or you can also call it black-or-white thinking, is something I’ve had to practice frequently in shifting out of in the last 12 years with losing weight as well as in my job and life.

In today’s podcast, I’m talking about how all-or-nothing thinking is very common with so many of us and how it keeps us stuck, frustrated, and stressed.

I’ll go over are the signs of all-or-nothing thinkers and what steps you can take to minimize it in today’s episode.


Come take a listen to this week’s podcast. 


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