Ep #15 When the problem is absolutely all you can think about!

Have you ever gone to bed, and the thoughts of the day are consuming your head so much that you are unable to sleep.


With everything that happened throughout the day, you feel so upset that you can think of anything else but that, so instead of sticking with eating the healthy food you planned, you find yourself in the fast-food drive-through because you just don’t have the mental energy.

On the way home from work and don’t you have the mental energy to eat the ‘healthy’ food you planned and instead grab fast food on the way home?

Today’s podcast talks about how ruminating over the problem never solves the problem even though we think we are working on finding a solution.

How, being caught the ruminating loop- repeating in our mind over and over the problem- only interferes with our daily life and mental well-being.

Studies have found that “people who didn’t ruminate or blame themselves for their difficulties had much lower levels of depression and anxiety, even if they’d experienced many negative events in their lives.”

In this week’s episode, I will show you how you can stop spending all your precious mental energy reliving the problem so that you can find the solution to helping you move on with your life.

I’ll share with you the steps I give my clients that you can implement right away so you can spend more and more time focusing on doing the things that will have you moving forward to living your best life.


Come take a listen to this week’s podcast. 


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