Ep #14 How to End a binge

If you find yourself struggling with binge eating, you are not alone. So many of my clients come to me for help because they are done feeling miserable, and all they want is to eat normally. 

In today’s podcast, I will share why we binge and what we can do to decrease and eventually stop binge eating so that you can eat like a “normal” person. I know this is possible because, after 30 years of Binge eating, I’ve stopped. This is possible for you!!

You need to know that you are not broken, and there is nothing wrong with you.

You have just created the habit, and it can be changed. 

In this podcast, I will share with you how I was headed for a binge because of my habit of believing that food will bring me comfort.

This lie always led me to eat more and more until I was so uncomfortable. 

I will share how the simple sentence “What do I really need?” will change everything for you.

Come take a listen here to this week’s podcast. 


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