Ep #10 Are you addressing your grief?

What is grief?

Grief is a response to a loss, and it can affect all parts of a person’s life.

As a Nurse, you experience many losses at work and even in your personal life but are you actually allowing yourself to grieve?

As Nurses, we have deep care and compassion for our patients, and when we watch them go, we think to do our job, we have to stay strong and in control— which in most cases, we have to get our job done.

We have to keep our emotions ‘under control’ while we are at work, but what happens when we walk in the door after a shift where we experienced a loss?

For me, it led me right to the kitchen to grab some comfort food: straight to the ice cream, chips, chocolate or cookies. The comfort food is how I helped myself felt better.

Withholding our emotions only leads us to turn to something outside of us to feel better and it takes it toll on us as a Nurse.

But when we learn how to allow our feelings, we no longer need to turn to food but more importantly, it will make you a better Nurse.


In today’s podcast, I’m sharing how attending my Uncles’ funeral this past week made me realize that I have held myself back from fully experiencing grief and how I could find ease and peace inside myself.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:
-Why Nurses don’t grieve.
-How not allowing our feelings send us straight to the kitchen eating.
-How not grieving affects our work.
-How to grieve to achieve ease and peace to stop overeating, and be the best Nurse you can be.


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