Do you think losing weight is impossible?

What if I told you that most likely you have drama going on, especially if you are struggling to lose weight?

I know no one likes being called “dramatic.”

But I guarantee you’re doing this because I sure have it going on at times.

In fact, it is what EVERYONE’s brain does when it is not properly managed.

This drama is called MIND drama.

Mind drama is the “over-reactive, exaggerated details” that our minds come up with daily. 

Our minds are constantly thinking exaggerated thoughts which create emotions that are useless to us.

Our mind drama sounds like this;

“I will never figure this out.”

“It’s impossible for me to lose weight.”

“I messed everything up.”

“I failed today because I ate XYZ.”

I know for me some of these thoughts happened often when I was trying to lose the 100 pounds.

It wasn’t like I was in any danger, yet my brain was in the habit of constantly freaking out.

When your brain is telling you it’s impossible and you’ve failed…… how do you feel?

We create so much drama with our thoughts and then how we feel leads to the actions or inactions we take.

It doesn’t feel very encouraging, does it?

However, what if you understood that being “dramatic” is just a set of thoughts that create an emotional response.

So when we lose the drama by separating out the our story or in other words our thoughts, from the story we are believing, then we would see a completely different picture. We would end up creating the results we want to see in our lives.

So when we stop and become aware of the thoughts we are having for example,  “I have tried everything” and see that you have tried MANY things, but not ALL. So if that were the case and you have not tried ALL, then there is something that you haven’t tried that could still work.

Or, that you think you messed it all top by eating those cookies off your plan. If it is just a fact that you followed your plan except for those two cookies which are not a big deal, you will get back to following your food plan. When you make the two cookies a fact, they mean nothing except for you to look at why you ate them. 

You reducing the drama in your life will make a huge difference in your losing weight.

Our thoughts you have do matter.

I have my clients working on being aware of the talk going on inside their head, the thinking so that they can stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

When we clean up the drama, we make better choices for ourselves. 

Drama is a choice that is so unnecessary. It doesn’t serve a purpose. 

I watch my clients change their mountains to molehills everyday

I’d love to help you too

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