Do you have to eat breakfast?

I spoke last week about MIND DRAMA, and the thought of missing a meal brings up DRAMA big time! 

Think about what comes up for you when you think about missing a meal?

Does it sound something like this?

“Not eating will slow down my metabolism.”

“I will be starving later.”

“I will overeat later if I don’t eat now.”

“If I don’t eat now I can eat more later.”

Did you know first off that missing a meal gives your body a chance to eat up the fat stores that are on your body? 

I’m not saying you need to plan to miss meals to lose the fat stores, but you don’t have to think it is something that will mess up your weight loss.

The thing is you will eat again.

Knowing that it is ok to miss a meal is so important. 

My clients tell me that they don’t like to eat breakfast, it’s too early, they are not hungry but then because we are taught you have to eat breakfast they force themselves to eat something. So don’t eat breakfast, its ok not to eat if you are not physically hungry. 

Does it help with your weight loss when you are eating when you are not hungry, does this help you learn to start eating when you are hungry and stop when you are full? NO!

The other thing is that my clients tell me that when they miss a meal, they will say, “I can eat more at my next meal because, after all, I did miss this one.

Guess what happens at the next meal; of course, they overeat and wonder why they are not losing weight. 

However, what if I tell you that Yes you can miss a meal if you don’t overeat later. That is because of your body while you missed the meal, CONSUMED calories that are stored on your body. For me, it was my BUTT. So you can take advantage of that, or you can restore what came off of your BUTT! 

What would you choose?

If you are anything like me, I would pick, keep it off. When I choose this, I practice eating reasonably at the next meal if I missed eating a meal. It makes no difference to what I need to eat when I sit down to eat, or the next time I do eat. 

I teach my clients that hunger is not a bad thing; it is the thoughts that we have around hunger that cause us to overeat.

You knowing that your body taps into your fat stores when you don’t feed it is a good thing. However, unless you haven’t eaten in weeks, all you need to do is start when you are physically hungry, eat the regular amount and stop when you are full, which is at a +2. This is something I go further into with my clients in my program. 

You do not need to eat more at the next meal to catch up on the amount of food you think you “should” get in for the day. That “should” is your brain’s way of trying to gets its way, so don’t listen. 

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Thank you for honouring your commitment to yourself, your health and your future.



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