Does the pandemic have you overeating?

When you can’t control the world control your thoughts

Everything right now might seem chaotic, which has you feeling scared and worried.

This is normal!

Your mind is only doing its job!  It’s your mind’s job to be scared and freaked out! This means you’re human.

Our human brains are designed to keep us safe, and your brain perceives the pandemic as a threat.

You can’t control the pandemic, but you sure can control your thoughts about what is happening.

Thinking about what you actually can control is super powerful.

Thinking about what you can’t control will only lead to anxiety, stress, overwhelm or panic.

It is so important to be aware of the sentences in your mind because they are creating all your feelings, which leads to the actions you take and the results you have.

And if those sentences in your mind have you eating everything you can find in the house, then it is time to shift those thoughts.

You have to decide if you want to keep your thoughts or if you want to choose new thoughts that stop you from overeating.

The only way to start shifting your thoughts is to become aware of them, write them all down because you have to see that they are your THOUGHTS, not FACTS surrounding the pandemic.

The FACT is that ____# of people have died in the world.

And then you have your THOUGHTS about the pandemic:

“I might lose my job” creates your anxiety

“I don’t want to get the virus” creates your panic

“People are not taking this serious” creates your anger

“My whole life has changed” creates your sadness

“My kids are home now, and I still have to work” creates your stress

It is not the pandemic that is responsible for your feelings; it is the THOUGHTS that you are having.

You can change your thoughts to help you move through the pandemic instead of trying hard to survive it by holding on tight or struggling to make it through.

AND if you go through this learning how to no longer turn to find when chaos hits, just imagine how much life will be better for you once this is all over! 

Let me help you work on the thoughts that have you overeating by registering here for a free call. 

You are worth it, Hugs!





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