Do you have that ‘Never Good Enough’ thought?

While I was getting dressed today I looked in the mirror and what I saw was that fat roll, that love handle and despite losing 100 lbs my thoughts went to “I am still fat”. This is my stinking thinking in my head and you would think with all the weight I have lost that I wouldn’t have it anymore, but guess what I do. The only difference now is that I know how to not let it get me into an eating frenzy.

Funny because just yesterday I went shopping and tried on a pair of size 27 jeans and they fit! I have never fit into that size ever in my life, I think I skipped that size in my teens. I my teens I remember needing a size 32 (which back then I thought was huge, wish I knew different) and then next I knew I was wearing a size 40.

So what I couldn’t see was how much my body had shrunk.  My thoughts were going back to my old habit of thinking I was fat. This thinking is what had me in the past sabotaging my weight loss because I would start beating myself up, and give up by saying to myself “what’s the point”.  Now I am able to see that stinking thinking of  “I am not good enough yet” is just my brain trying to convince me that I hadn’t been successful in my weight loss. That “not good enough” thinking doesn’t just pop up when I look at my body, at times it comes up with many other things that I am doing. Like yesterday with my blogging my “I am not a good enough writer” was trying to stop me from writing this post because from such a young age I believed I was not good at writing. I could have let that thought get to me, to stop me but I know that I am good enough, all I need to do is just change that though. I changed my thought to with each post I write I am getting better at writing! The old thought like I said would have had me not write but that new thought gave me the feeling of hope, of persistence and that had me taking the action of writing this post! So when you have a thought coming up of “I will never be good enough”, you do not have to let it control you, to stop you. I don’t let those thoughts stop me now, I  do not let it control me. I intentionally choice a better thought that keeps me moving forward to the results I want!

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