Do you have faulty thinking?

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Thought errors are faulty patterns of thinking that are self-defeating. They occur when the things you are thinking do not match up with reality. This is sometimes also referred to as cognitive distortions. When we have those thought errors we often don’t realize we are doing so.


Have you ever heard yourself saying?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

It won’t matter

Just this once

Parties without food or drinking is no fun

Life would be terrible without ice cream


These are totally optional to you but if you choose them those thoughts will only create unwanted desire and unwanted actions. Think about the next time you go out to that birthday celebration and all that food is around you. Saying to yourself, “not eating at the party is no fun”. You most likely don’t even know that thought is there, but it is. This creates in you that desire of wanting and needing it. What happens to you when that goes on, of course, you eat what you have not planned to eat. The food you did eat most likely is a comfort food, a carb or sugar. You have two options when that thought is there. The first is you can white knuckle it and most likely give in to it or the second is you can be aware of it and then work on what you want to believe and deliberately think it on purpose. That deliberate thought will then switch the desire for the food to the desire for what you will get with the new thought you have created. Would a thought of, “I love going out to celebrate with friends and that is all that matters” or “I can celebrate without eating food not on my food plan work for you”? Just remember it has to be believable to you or you will still have the desire to eat.


I challenge you to start writing down all the things that you are thinking to see if they are faulty or not. 




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