Do you believe you’ll ever get into your skinny jeans?

What is it you believe about losing weight?

Do you believe that you will never be able to lose weight?

Your beliefs are your thoughts, the sentences in your mind.

Do you have the thought, “I have tried everything, and nothing works? I will never lose all this weight?”

Did you know that you get to decide what you want to believe?

Yup, you may think that thought is true, and maybe it is, who cares if it is true but ask yourself, is that thought useful to you? Does that thought get you the results you want, the results of losing weight AND keeping it off?

If Not, then its time to decide to believe something different. My clients say that the thought they were having gave them the opposite effect of what they wanted. All they wanted was to lose weight, but having the believe it is too difficult, no wonder they struggled to lose weight.

Your power in losing weight comes from deciding what you want to believe so it’s time than to switch your thought from “I’ve never been able to lose the weight and keep it off” to “I’m going to do whatever I can as many times as I need until I find something that does work.” They are both thoughts that you can choose to believe, they can both be true, but I bet for you like it is for my clients, the alternative thought gives you more energy and momentum instead of shutting you down like your original thought.

Your thought of “I have tried everything, and nothing works, I will never lose all this weight” is an optional thought.

Yes, it is optional despite you thinking that it is a fact, and you are required to think it, but you don’t have to think anything you don’t want to think, especially if it’s not getting you to where you want to be. 

It is important to ask yourself, “Do I want to continue with the thoughts I have?” Asking this question will allow you to decide what you want to focus on because knowing what you focus on is what you will create more of.

So if you choose to think that you have tried it all and nothing works, the results you get will be you continuing to struggle to lose weight because remember, your results are based on your thoughts.

If you are ready to think something different before you change it, it is very important to remember that you have to first process the thoughts and feelings you presently have.

You have to be fully aware of what is the feeling that is being created from your thought. You have to process it all the way through; it is not about denying it; it is about being fully aware of all of it.

When you are fully aware of the thoughts and feelings you have and have allowed it to be there, processed it, that is when you can now decide what you want to think that is different; asking yourself “what do I want to believe that is different that will motivate me to lose weight.”

You get to choose to believe anything you want, so you might as well choose to have a thought that gives you an uplifting feeling and promotes the actions needed to take in losing weight.

Be open to the possibility of seeing that you get to believe anything you want to believe about losing weight, yourself and your life.

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You are worth it, Hugs!


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