Do you believe you can lose weight?

Do you tell yourself “I can’t lose weight?”, “I will never keep it off for good”, “I can’t stick to a diet”, “I don’t like exercise”, “I don’t like salads”? I used to tell myself all of these things and thought there were just FACTS.

If you are like me and have some of these beliefs, you would totally argue with me they are true and are facts.

If you believe that you can’t stick to a diet, trust me that every time a treat is brought into your office, you will eat it. If you believe that you don’t like exercise, you will use every excuse in the book to not to do anything or if you do exercise, you do it with dread.

Did you know that beliefs like these that we have, that we think are facts are not. They are out thoughts. A FACT is something that is un-disputable. Can you dispute that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening? – No. Your age is indisputable, you are what age you are, that is a fact.

So be careful in what you choose to believe. You can believe that you absolutely can lose weight and if that is what you choose, you will be so determined to figure out how to do it and you will!

How I figured out what beliefs were holding me back was to write down every single weight loss belief that came up; good and bad ones.

Discovering these beliefs are is important because your beliefs, your thoughts are up to you. What you think and believe can be changed to get the results you are wanting.

And guess what, you get to belief things that will have you feeling empowered, confident, happy and motivated. These feelings will be the ones that will help you to lose the weight.

This change in my beliefs is what I used to start my 100 lb. weight loss journey and it helps me to keep it off to this day.

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