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What is a diet? A diet is the way you are eating and that is it! The problem is when we think about the word diet, all anyone thinks about is that strict routine or maybe even a fad diet that we think we need to follow to lose weight.


Most of us can’t rely on a strict diet for the rest of our lives. Those diets are all about telling you the exact nutrition you need but that will change as we age. They are telling you the exact amount to eat and that depends on what you are doing which can also change. By also telling you exactly when to eat you are not allowing for when your body may not need that food for fuel. Following that strict diet takes away any decision making on your part. By relying on that diet, it is something external that does not have you connecting to the wisdom of your body.


So is that diet sustainable is something that you need to be asking yourself. What happens when you stop following that diet, then what? You have no idea what your body needs because you have always ate the amount you were told to, what to eat and when to eat, because that is what following that diet was all about. This is when you will gain all your weight back and maybe even more because you go back to your old way of eating, which for most of us is overeating. 


If you want to lose the weight, yes you need to know what healthy eating is but you also need to eat when the signal of true hunger is there. Learning to know when you are hungry and when you are full only happens when we listen to what our body is saying. That diet you were following had you ignoring your hunger and not paying attention to it, it has you distracted from your body. It taught you that hunger does not matter. You need to experience hunger. That is a good thing if you don’t want to end up constantly eating or overeating.

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