Diet Foods Make You Fat

Have you noticed that all those times you went on a “diet” you probably lost weight initially but then gained it all back plus more? The food industry has us believing that Diet Foods are what we need to lose weight but the opposite is true. Diet foods don’t make you any leaner, they actually make you fatter then you already are. 


The word “diet” has us so brainwashed! That word has been such an amazing, clever marketing tools which causes us to believe we are eating healthy which is so not the case. You have been lied to, you have come to associate healthy eating with dieting.


Diet products are so often and most of the time filled with chemicals, additives and sugar. There is no nutritional value to these foods. That word “diet” gives us such a false hope and for many of us, it gave us permission to eat more instead. We eat more than we should because we have that excuse of, we ate “diet cookies” and they are only 100 calories so it is all ok, it won’t cause a problem. What we don’t realize is the effects from the “diet foods” cause you to be fat! 


What I remember was, when I ate those diet foods I never felt satisfied and now realize that is because there is no nutrition in them. 100 calories of a sugar laden treat do not fill you up but 100 calories of a piece of chicken sure will. Also, lots of diet foods have added sugar or sweeteners because they had to replace the fat. Sugar is what makes us fat. 


If you want to lose weight, you need to eat whole foods with more nutrients then the processed foods have, even though the diet foods show that they have fewer calories. 

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