Can you let yourself waste food

Have you ever ate that extra 1/2 plate of food even though you were so full because you don’t like to waste food?

To lose weight you MUST be willing to do waste food and to stop cleaning the plate! You have to eat enough to be satisfied and then you must stop. It is ok, actually it is a must to leave food on your plate when you hit that spot of being satisfied if you want to lose weight.

We all know that most restaurant portions are too large, at family gathering they will be wanting you to eat more because they spent so much time cooking, when we cook we make large portions that we end up taking those extra helpings don’t forget we get 2 for 1 pizza’s.

You can’t lose weight if you overeat, you will have a much harder tie losing weight if you are struggling with wasting food.

What I didn’t realize in my weight loss journey was how often I overate because of my ‘justified’ reasons to overeat. Some examples are:

“That little extra bite is no big deal”

“Eating those last few bites off my child’s plate won’t hurt”

“I paid for that food so what a waste not to eat it”

“I took that huge serving of spaghetti so I might as well finish it”

You may think that eating that little extra food is no big deal or you might think that you are saving money by not wasting the food, but if you continue to eat all that food then you teach yourself to buy more food because isn’t that how much you need? You actually would save money when you learn how much food is right for you because you wont end up buying as much in the end.

Yes, your brain will give you grieve with not finishing off the food on your plate but that is ok. Let your brain talk away, let it have its temper tantrum but throw the food out. Know that you are teaching yourself how to lose weight. With time it won’t be such a big deal any more and instead you will get to the place of eating less feels better for you.

You have to be willing to be uncomfortable when making this change. You have a choice to feel that uncomfortable feeling with throwing the food out and having weight loss or having that uncomfortable feeling of overeating. The choice is yours to make!

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