Are you looking in the rearview mirror?

Are you looking out the rearview mirror?

Are you so disappointed that you haven’t lost the weight yet, asking yourself what’s wrong with me?

Are you feeling shame and regret that you still are struggling to lose that weight?

Is your mind so focused on having to start over yet again and worrying if this time will be any different?

All of these thoughts are you focused on the past; you looking in the rearview mirror? What if you focused on looking out to the future through the windshield? You can’t see where you need to go to when you are always looking back. 

By focusing on where you need to go and only glancing in the rearview mirror to explore what you could learn from the past so you can figure out what to do differently- this is how you will get to your goal weight and keep it off!

I know for me I spent too many years being disappointed that I still had 100 pounds to lose because I failed with all the diets I had tried. 

Because I was too focused on beating myself up and staying stuck doing the same thing over and over, I was unable to dig deep on what I had learned from all the “failed” attempts. No wonder I was stuck in that vicious yo-yo dieting cycle. 

There is no way we can see anything new or different when we are focusing on the past, and especially when we beat ourselves up. There is nothing we gain from doing this!

When I stopped looking back and decided to focus my eyes ahead, on my future, something that would be all new to me that was when I could open my mind up to other possibilities. I realized that it was not another diet I needed but to get to the reason WHY I continued to struggle with food and my weight. 

I know it’s hard to let go of the past, I understand! But you need to focus on the future and to do this; you have to let go of dieting. And you have to let go of the diet mentality because if diets worked, then why do we have an obesity epidemic. Yes, you need to know what and how to eat, but the most important start to losing weight is dealing with the underlying reasons you continue to struggle to lose weight and that it is not about the food. 

My passion is helping you end this struggle with losing weight because I know it is possible. If you want help in losing the weight for the last time, please reach out to me and book a Free Breakfree call here. On the call, I will help you determine what is holding you back from meeting your health and weight loss goals and how to overcome it! 

You are worth it!


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