Are you getting the results you want?

The thoughts you are thinking may not be getting the results that you want. Did you know that the thoughts that you are thinking can also make you feel happy and that you created them? You have the choice to keep it that way and to get it back. We are so led to believe that we must rely on outside circumstances to get that happy feeling. Have you hoped that your husband acts a certain way or does something for you to make you feel happy? It has nothing to do with him, it is all about you! You have to do happy for yourself and if you choose to, you can.


How to do and be happy is by using the model that was taught to me by my mentor Brooke Castillo. This is the coaching model I use with all my clients and myself every day, many times a day! 

Here is an example of how using the MODEL can get you the results you are wanting:

 Circumstances: (facts) create

Thoughts: which cause

Feelings: which cause

Actions: which create

Results: will always be evidence for that initial thought


Once you learn how the thought model works you can use this with anything that is happening in your life. For example:


Circumstance: I weigh 200 pounds

Thought: I will never lose this weight

Feeling: Sad, hopeless

Actions: start my diet on Monday only to end up eating that bag of chips

Results: I don’t lose weight


If I realize that I am letting my thoughts get the better of me and I want to change it, then I will change my thought to something that is believable. That will get me the result I am wanting


Circumstance: (the same) I weigh 200 pounds

Thought: I have a body that is healthy right now

Feeling: it could be natural or grateful 

Actions: I make small changes in how I am eating

Results: I am losing weight


See what I mean? And if you don’t then don’t worry, this takes some time and practice.


Try a few models out on thoughts and feelings that you are currently having. You can always reach out to me and I will help you to work through them to get to where you are wanting to go. 




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