Are you blaming your diet for not losing weight?

So many of us who have gone on so many crazy diets and not succeeded blame the diet for not working. The thing is, some diets do work for some people so then why do we blame the diets for not working?


What we are really doing is not taking responsibility for our lives. We’re blaming the diet or even other people and situations for what’s going on within ourselves. This is called Emotional Childhood. This is so disempowering because we are giving the control to something outside of us. Because of this, we have very little control over whether we can change that result or not. We have given the reason why we are feeling the way we do, or the diet not getting us the result we want to that outside source.


Look closely at when you diet and you don’t lose weight, you put the blame on the diet being the problem for not working. You are not taking responsibility at all. You tell yourself, diets don’t work. But they do work for some people. Some people have lost a lot of weight and kept it off on a diet. The difference between them and you is when you blame the diet it is because you are not taking responsibility for your part with what you are choosing to do when you are on the diet.


If you make the decision on blaming the diet then you will miss the opportunity of understanding what it is that is going on inside of you. The message could be that you don’t understand nutrition and need more education in knowing what to eat. Or it could be that you are eating because of negative emotions that are coming up and you don’t know how to handle those emotions.

The next time your husband comes home with donuts don’t blame him for you eating them, it is about what you are telling yourself or feeling when you are looking at those donuts. Are you telling yourself, well he brought them in the house so how can I not have some. That is your choice to think that thought, what you could think instead is, my husband brought those home and it is so hard having them in the house but I have a very strong reason why I want to lose weight so no matter what I am not going to have any. That is you taking responsibility for how you want to think and feel!


The diet, is not the villain, there is nothing wrong with it. It is that you are not addressing the reason why you’re overweight in the first place. It’s not addressing the underlying reasons for the overeating.

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