Are you avoiding setting goals?

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Everyone has always told me to set goals, but there was something in me that had me so in resistance to doing it. I would attempt to set goals but then not let myself fully think about it. I would derail my goal by not writing it down and not planning the work needed on achieving it because I didn’t believe it would happen. I would use the “I don’t know how to do it” so I never really got started or let even one fail stop me. I know now it was because I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t believe I could do it.

The thing with setting goals it is not about patting yourself on the back when you reach it or if you don’t, there is something wrong with you. Setting goals, being consistent in working on the goals is all about you proving to yourself you can do it. That you can achieve your goal, and each time you set a goal and achieve it, then you have built up prove in yourself in that you can do it. This inspires you to continue setting goals.

How do you work on a goal when you don’t believe in yourself first? It has to be realistic and second you have to be telling yourself that you are the person who despite not believing that you will achieve it, you will keep going anyways.

Can you believe in the beginning that the only thing you believe is that you are willing to keep on going?

You have to not be afraid to fail and that through the process you will learn and grow. Know that the path to the goal is so much more important than when you hit the goal.

By imaging a goal beyond our current abilities, it will bring up all of the obstacles that are blocking us from achieving what we want. We need to make a commitment that we are willing to work hard despite the challenges in our path to make our dream a reality. As we problem solve to overcome the obstacles, we learn through this process what we need to change, add or keep to get to our goal.

Goals also give our brain structure and supervision. The brain is like an unsupervised child so when we focus on a goal that has us deliberately focusing on what we need to do.

Get very specific about what it is you do want. Write it down including every possible detail but don’t think of the how. You will have negative thoughts come up so look at those negative thoughts from a place where you are already having reached your goal. Take a look at what steps would a person that has achieved that goal have taken. Viewing it from this place will help you set up what action can you take right at this moment to reach your goal.

Are you willing to learn how to make mistakes and get right back to following your plan?

Learn how to keep working on losing weight despite what you see on the scale?

Learn how to go through a holiday and not give up?

Today I want you to look at yourself a year from now and think of what is the one thing that you did that you would be so proud of yourself for having done because you did the work. Now go do that!

Some people want it to happen; some wish it would happen, others make it happen- Michael Jordan.

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