Are you asking the right questions?

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Are you living on autopilot with the questions you are asking yourself right now? I know I was. When I started asking myself the right questions, that was when I lost 100 lbs. and kept it off. Before that I was asking myself, why am I so fat? Why can’t I lose the weight? What’s wrong with me? Those question I had said to myself so many times and didn’t even realize were creating my situation, I had no idea. Those questions were my thoughts that created my feelings which drove the actions I took, or inactions in my case.


If your question is a negative question you will get negative thoughts as answers. Ask yourself, why can’t I lose weight? With this question, your mind goes over all the reason why you can’t lose the weight. What if you asked yourself a positive question like, how do I lose the weight or how was I successful in the past with losing weight? With this thought, you are then able to see a whole other way, a way to take the steps you need to lose weight.


Make the decision to spend your emotional energy each day on what will get you closer to your dreams and goals, this is asking yourself positive questions, the right questions. The negative questions will only have you feeling drained and defeated.


We ask ourselves questions all day long, and don’t even realize it. Ask yourself empowering, creative, and high-quality questions. If you do your brain will go to work searching for the answers to what you are asking yourself. Examples of good questions to be asking yourself are:

How can I lose weight permanently and enjoy it at the same time?

How can I end this struggle without deprivation and pain?

How can I make today better than yesterday?

What am I grateful for?


When you come up with some empowering question write them down and put them in places that you will see all the time. This will keep your brain focused not on the negative questions you are having but the ones that you are now wanting. With seeing those positive questions your brain will start to work at coming up with wonderful solutions to get to where you are wanting to go.

Hugs Karen



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