24 Hour rule

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Do you make decisions ahead of time or in the moment when it comes to what you eat? When we decide ahead of time we are using our pre-frontal cortex, our thinking and planning brain.


With everything we do regarding eating, we need to make sure our pre-frontal cortex is in charge, not our primitive brain that is all about survival mode. If we let our primitive brain rule we end up giving in to our urges and our thought errors. Those thoughts we are telling ourselves that are false but we believe to be true. As a result, those primitive brain thoughts will drive the actions we take which usually end up in eating something not so healthy such as something that has sugar or processed flour in it.


Here is how to use the 24 hour rule:

Plan everything you are going to eat the next day, the night before. Take a look at what is on your food protocol and then write out very specifically what you will be eating. You are deciding 24 hours in advance here and then most importantly you have to follow through with it. This will prevent you from making a decision in the spur of the moment.

Your exception that are only once per week also need to be planned 24 hours ahead of time. Again, they must be very specific in what it is you will have. When the time comes for your exception eats and if an urge comes up, do not deviate from your plan no matter what. Your planned decision needs to come from your prefrontal cortex that is to always be in charge. Your prefrontal cortex knows how to make the best decision possible for you, so let it.

With all that you plan 24 hours in advance, you absolutely have to be committed to it and to follow through. If you do this, this will give you the confidence to continue to do it as well as it will build up the trust in yourself that you can do it. With every time you do this you will build your new habit of eating.




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