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For The Last Time

Have you struggled with losing weight and keeping it off for longer than you have wanted

If it were all about the food, the counting of calories, the weighing and measuring, the counting macro’s, the shakes- all of that would have had you losing the weight AND keeping it off.

Yes, you need to change what you eat to lose the weight, but that is only a temporary fix.

So then what is it that you need to do?

The reason you continue to struggle with food and your weight is that you don’t understand yet WHY you eat.

The WHY of how you end up walking in the door after a stressful day and end up eating the cookies sitting on the counter- That is about you emotionally eating


The WHY you feel like you are eating against your will- That is your overeating from overhunger and overdesire.


The WHY of your thought or belief you have of “I will always be overweight” or “it’s too hard” has you staying overweight- That is because our beliefs are what drive our actions or inactions. Beliefs and reality like to be reflective of each other. In the end, you sabotage yourself.


The WHY of you putting everyone else first. Giving and doing then being too exhausted to put the time and effort into yourself.- That is you distracting yourself from yourself or maybe you not valuing yourself.

If all of this sounds so overwhelming, I get it, and all my clients felt that same way.

As a Weight and Life Coach, I am committed to helping you to understand your WHY’S so that you can lose weight for the last time.


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